A Taste of Tradition: Father’s Day Reflections on the ‘Coffee Connection’

Taste a Tradition Blog Post. A coffee Connection.

A Taste Of Tradition: A Father’s Day Celebrate a love for Fathers and Coffee With Father’s Day just around the corner, Artpresso Design wants to acknowledge and celebrate the unique connection shared between fathers and coffee. Sharing a cup of coffee with someone you love not only fosters moments of togetherness but also creates treasured […]

Specialty Coffee Expo 2023

Steven Monti (right) with his family at specialty Coffee Expo 2023 From left to right- David Monti, Elettra Fucelli, Jean Monti, Laura Monti, Daniel Ryan, and Steven Monti SPECIALTY COFFEE EXPO 2023 RECAP As always, the Specialty Coffee Expo proved to be one of the most significant events in the coffee industry this year. It […]

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