Artpresso Barista Tool Set Silver White


Artpresso Barista Tool Set Silver White

  • REVO
  • 58.3mm diameter stainless steel base to maximize performance in 58.0mm portafilters
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort, level tamping, and reduced vacuum effect
  • Handle has a durable white powdered coated  finish
  • Stainless Steel latte art inlay
  • Perfect for all 58.0mm portafilters
  • Faceted design emulates the Stockfleths method used by professional baristas
  • Angles of the facets ensure coffee density is not localized and reduces friction, so coffee grounds don’t stick to the surface
  • Primo’s diameter is 58.3mm and can be adjusted by simply rotating the locking collar by hand
  • Smallest footprint area of compression and can be rotated in both directions
  • White powder coated aluminum collar creates a comfortable grip
  • Features a stainless steel latte art insert Product Description
  • Sized perfectly for all Tampers and Distributors,Including Solo Tamper, Dialed Tamper, Primo Distributor, and Revo Tamper
  • Custom Acetal plastic insert protects coffee tampers and distributors
  • Easy to Clean


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