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The Coffee Connection: 5 Great Ways To Experience it with your Dad

Celebrate a love for Fathers and Coffee

With Father’s Day just around the corner, Artpresso Design wants to acknowledge and celebrate the coffee connection shared between fathers and coffee. Sharing a cup of coffee with someone you love not only fosters moments of togetherness but also creates treasured memories.

I’m Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design. I created this venture driven by my genuine passion and interest in espresso. Moreover, I am captivated by how coffee acts as a catalyst for connecting families and friends.

The One and Only, Tony Monti, My Dad

In my personal experiences with my father, Anthony Monti, some of my most treasured memories revolve around observing him prepare coffee. It is highly likely that my deep love for coffee and the connections it has brought into my life, both on a personal level and through my business, Artpresso Design, can be attributed to my father.

Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with his father at the La Marzocco Academia, in Italy
Taste a Tradition Blog Post. The Coffee Connection.
Steven Monti, Owner of Artpresso Design, with his Father, Tony Monti at the Accademia Del Caffe Espresso, In Italy

Creating an Espresso and a Legacy

As an Italian American growing up, it is customary to conclude family meals with an espresso or cappuccino. This particular tradition holds a special place in my heart because my father transformed this post-meal ritual into a significant event that took center stage. I have so many memories of family members gathered around him as he operated his espresso machine, eagerly awaiting their cup while marveling at the intricacy of the process by “The Coffee Master.”

For my father, the joy of making coffee is a dual purpose – he takes delight in both the process itself and the pleasure of sharing it with his loved ones. This tradition holds great value for me as it encompasses moments of togetherness, appreciation for craftsmanship, and the warmth of familial love shared over a cup of coffee. It is a bond that transcends generations and creates lasting memories. In an effort to ensure that this legacy lives on, I have consciously passed down this tradition to my own children.

I am fortunate to have these experiences with my father, and I take pride in sharing with him the coffee connections that have emerged because of my business, Artpresso Design.

Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with his father and children in Italy
Steven Monti (right) with his Son David Monti (left), Father, Tony Monti, (center) and his Daughter, Laura Monti

La Marzocco Accademia Del Caffee Espresso

A Journey of Discovery at the Espresso Coffee Academy by La Marzocco: Embracing Tradition, Appreciation, and Family Connections

I highly recommend a visit to the Espresso Coffee Academy by La Marzocco on Via Bolognese in Florence, especially if you’re looking for a unique and memorable experience to enjoy with your father. This exceptional establishment beautifully showcases the rich history of the beloved Italian espresso machine company, La Marzocco, and offers a captivating greenhouse filled with vibrant coffee plants. Inside, you’ll also find awe-inspiring artistic installations, an enlightening espresso coffee museum, a charming vintage bar, and a range of branded gadgets. It’s the perfect destination to delve into the world of espresso coffee, witness its evolution, and honor cherished traditions. A visit to this extraordinary space will leave you and your father inspired and delighted, creating lasting memories to cherish. You will no doubt create The coffee Connection you are seeking. 

Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia
Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia
Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia-Espresso Bean Plants
Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia

A Legacy of Craftsmanship


The Espresso Coffee Academy by La Marzocco embraces the traditions and craftsmanship that have shaped the art of espresso-making. La Marzocco is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation in the world of coffee machines. The academy embodies this legacy by providing an immersive environment where enthusiasts can learn from experienced baristas and industry experts, gaining insights into the intricate processes and techniques involved in crafting the perfect cup of espresso.

Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia: Installation of parts of La Marzocco espresso machine.
Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia: Installation of parts of La Marzocco espresso machine.
Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with his father at the La Marzocco Academia, in Italy
Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with his father at the La Marzocco Academia, in Italy

Embracing Italian Coffee Culture and Tailored Programs for Enthusiasts

Immerse yourself in the very essence of Italian coffee culture at the Espresso Coffee Academy. The academy’s programs offer a wide range of experiences, delving into the origins of coffee and exploring the sensory aspects of tasting. Through interactive workshops and expert-led sessions, you and your father can deepen your appreciation for the flavors, aromas, and rituals associated with espresso, gaining a profound understanding of the Italian coffee tradition.

Recognizing the diverse backgrounds and expertise of coffee enthusiasts, the Espresso Coffee Academy provides tailored programs for different skill levels. Whether you’re interested in mastering the fundamentals of espresso-making, exploring advanced barista techniques, or even learning about roasting and cupping, there is a course that aligns with your interests. This variety of options allows you and your father to select a program that not only enhances your skills but also fosters a deeper connection as you explore the captivating world of espresso together.

To learn more about the La Marzocco Barista Accessories Artpresso created for La Marzocco visit

To learn more about the Accademia visit

Artpresso Design visits La Marzocco Academia
Steven MOnti with his Father, Tony Monti, Artpresso Design
Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with his father at the La Marzocco Academia, in Italy

Ideas to Inspire a Coffee connection

To help you create a the coffee connection with your dad, we have curated a list of ideas:

Latte Art Image

Coffee Morning

Begin Father's Day with a special coffee morning. Prepare your father's favorite coffee, be it black coffee, espresso, or cappuccino. Enjoy the morning together, relishing the aroma and flavor while engaging in meaningful conversations.

Espresso Beans Image

Coffee Gift

Show appreciation with coffee-related gifts. Consider a high-quality coffee bean selection, a new grinder or espresso machine, or a coffee-of-the-month club subscription. Let your father explore new flavors and enjoy his favorite beverage.

Espresso Shot image

Coffee Tasting

Organize a coffee tasting session at home or visit a local coffee shop. Experiment with different coffee beans and brewing methods. Learn about origins, flavors, and techniques, deepening your understanding of coffee and spending quality time together.

Latte Art Image

Coffee-Infused Treats

Surprise your father with coffee-infused treats. Create delicious coffee-flavored desserts like tiramisu, coffee cake, or coffee ice cream. Or make some home-made almond biscotti for him to enjoy with his espresso

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