The Artpresso Solo Tamper

Distribution Tool
Coffee tamper

For Consistent Espresso Shots

The Solo Tamper serves as both an adjustable distribution tool and coffee tamper all in one. Quality, consistent, and delicious extractions are what you can expect with the Solo.

Steven Monti, founder of Artpresso Design, developed the Solo to solve the problems coffee distribution tools and tampers currently on the market have. The goals are to improve workflow and replace two separate tools with one, improve re-distribution consistency while maximizing coffee distribution with the least downward pressure, allow for infinite adjustability with ease and simplicity, remove the possibilities of channeling and micro channeling, ensure quality and consistently tamped extractions, and be ergonomically designed.

Scott Callender, of La Marzocco USA partnered with Steven Monti and tested many prototypes before finalizing on the design, function, and accuracy of the Solo Tamper. Scott’s extensive experience and knowledge of the specialty coffee industry and La Marzocco coffee machines aligned perfectly with Steven’s product design experience and innate problem solving skills. Significant considerations were methodically executed, tested and designed to create the best coffee distributor and tamper on the market.


Many prototype variations of distribution shapes and configurations of both the distribution side of the Solo Tamper and the Tamping side of the Solo Tamper were created and tested.

The all in one Solo Tamper has a distribution side that is connected by an adjustable collar that also connects and adjusts the tamp side.  The distribution and tamper diameters are 58.3mm/2.29in. The tamper and distribution side can be adjusted individually or together. By simply rotating one or both sections of the collar by hand, a barista has infinite adjustability within a minimum adjustment height of 53mm/2.08 and a maximum adjustment height of 71mm/2.79in. Along with an infinite distribution and tamper depth adjustment from 4.0mm to 13.0mm/0.15in-0.51in. Once the desired height and depth is achieved, simply turn and rotate the collar to lock in place.

The Solo Tamper Distributor side

The distribution side of the Solo is unique compared to all other coffee distribution tools.  The Solo has a faceted surface with the smallest foot print area of compression out of all the distributors on the market. When adjusted to the proper depth, only a single line of stainless as thin as a piece of thread and as long as 29.1mm/1.15in touches the surface of the coffee grounds as it re-distributes the coffee. The facets emulate the Stockfleth’s method of a finger swipe and allows for rotation in any direction when resting on the rim of a 58mm portafilter.  The angles of the facets ensure density of the coffee is not localized and eliminate friction so coffee grounds wont stick to surface. Rotating the distributor in any direction as it rests on the portafilter will create a uniform, evenly distributed density of coffee mass throughout with the least amount of compression and air pockets.

The Solo Tamper side

Added: Workflow is not compromised when using the Solo because you can simply rotate to the tamp side, evenly rest the collar rim on the portafilter and compress the coffee grounds. Depending on your preference, the Solo Tamp is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease whether you push on the faceted side with the palm of your hand to increase pressure as you tamp or use your fingers to hold on to the collar to use pressure as you tamp. The Solo Tamp, which weighs only 17.4 oz. is manufactured and crafted in the USA with a manufacturing tolerance of +-.012mm/.0005in. It is a precision tool that combines surgical grade metals of electro polished stainless and hard coat anodized aluminum.  The threads are Teflon coated allowing for effortless and smooth adjustments.

Recommendations for using the Solo Tamper and Distributor

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