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Elettra-Modena, Italy

We are new home baristas who were initially unfamiliar with the benefits of even grounds distribution and tamping of coffee. When we first used the Solo tamp and Artpresso Design’s other products, it instantly became clear to us how these tools could enhance our at-home coffee experience. The Solo tamp distributes and tamps coffee so perfectly and with such consistency, that it has completely erased any possibility of human error when making an espresso. This tamp isn’t just a beautifully designed product, it is an appliance that operates with the same level of intuition and precision as many of the common kitchen utensils we know and love.

Peter-Dublin, NH

“I received my Artpresso Solo Tamp this afternoon. Thank you very much! The distributor leveled the grinds perfectly, and the tamper compressed them without a hitch. BEST ristretto I ever made!! I often wondered why, when I ordered an espresso in a restaurant, the espresso was awful. Now I know why. It has to do with the age/blend of the coffee, the grind size, the leveling and tamping and finally the timing of the brew. Many variables, but your Solo Tamp has just eliminated the leveling and tamping variables. Truly outstanding. And, made in the USA. That means a great deal to me.”

Daniel-Boca Raton, FL

“I recently got a GS3 and with my limited counter space I needed the right knock box to fit right underneath my grinder. The slim knock box designed for la marzocco was the way to go! It is stylish, it is solid and it\’s matching everything I\’ve got. It is compact but at the same time fits easily 10 pucks. I found it very easy to clean. When you start banging the portafilter to get that puck out, the slim knock box does not move at all. Overall I am extremely happy with the decision of purchasing it. I am suggesting you do the same! Last but not least the customer service experience I received is remarkable! Thank you.”

Robert- San Francisco, CA

“In our house the morning gives life to our cappuccinos ritual; grind our favorite beans,  heat up our old  Italian machine reading for the precise draw and drip into the  best French ceramic cup known to man, settle into the NYTimes and SFChronicle and then , make another. My wife is a writer who has won two James  Beard awards. I write this because we know many chefs and their most prized pocession is their set of knives careful transported in leather pouches to each new kitchen. The Solo Distributor/tamper has the potential to become that prized possession to professional baristas or the avid hobbyist alike. The Solo , magnificently designed, is an instrument that engages the espresso lovers imagination from the first use; a perfectly distributed and tamped portafilter, a trusted espresso machine and the personal mug/cup of choice. The Solo creates that possibility by the precise distribution and tamp of the meticulously ground beans. Once you try the Solo you will see what I am talking about. I know this for sure; after using the Solo you will display it on the top of your grinder evidencing  a demanding and knowledgeable espresso enthusiast lives here!”

Rick- Long Beach, CA

“I recently purchased the Knockbox Slim for La Marzocco. I had been using a stainless steel “commercial” knockbox previously and while it worked OK, it looked and felt pretty cheap out on the counter. The Artpressodesign knockbox is a whole different thing: it’s built like a tank with thick stainless steel, all metalwork is finished beautifully and the walnut side panels are actual thick slabs of walnut.. not a veneer or ‘cosmetic’ trim piece. I’m very happy with it and would buy again in a heartbeat.. the quality is in fact, that good.”



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