Behind the Design: Espresso Machine Cleaning Tools Reimagined

Meet the Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool, Drip Tray Cleaning Tool and Group Head Cleaning Tool.  A new breed of barista cleaning tools that lead coffee culture into the future.

Designer and Artpresso founder Steven Monti’s innovative new lineup of espresso machine cleaning tools are built specifically for baristas and specialty coffee connoisseurs.  Each tool offers a unique solution to common problems baristas face when using an espresso machine to prepare drinks.

The Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool, Drip Tray Cleaning Tool and Group Head Cleaning Tool were created by Monti and the Artpresso team to improve the daily use and cleaning of espresso machines, and to better protect the baristas who use them.  We debuted the new line of cleaning tools at the Specialty Coffee Expo 2022 Boston, and the response was overwhelmingly positive throughout the industry. 

Defining the products Vision:

Make Coffee not a Mess with Artpresso Espresso machine cleaning tools

Whether you’re at home or in a busy cafe, the art of creating an exceptional shot of espresso and finishing it off with perfectly-poured latte art is what we’re all striving to achieve.  That’s because the art of creating espresso is driven by pride and passion. 

The craft coffee industry is also driven by process, and those processes are being disrupted by innovative new technologies every day.  The best new products and technology innovations help solve a common problem. 

Before the design process begins at Artpresso, we speak with industry experts, baristas, and espresso lovers to identify problems and brainstorm solutions.  One overwhelming challenge to café owners and baristas is striving to make coffee look and taste great, while keeping their café and equipment clean and high performing.

When it comes to the current cleaning methods used during the preparation of espresso, industry insiders consistently told us what’s available isn’t cutting it.  The cleaning tools available on the market offer little benefit to the customer experience and do not clean as well as they should. Instead, hot, wet and dirty towels usually surround the machines we use every day.

Design Thinking:

Improving Something Routine into Something Remarkable



At Artpresso we like to think there is always a better way. Developing a new design for a product that people use every day is a challenge because change is hard.  People tend to gravitate towards the status quo – so improving the design of espresso cleaning tools would take converting something routine into something convincingly better and more adaptable.


Our goal was clear: Create three innovative new cleaning tool designs that would lead the espresso and coffee making experience in a new direction. To design new products that help reduce the number of towels used, reduce burns and chapped hands, and clean more effectively and efficiently. 


To find a solution that would serve baristas and individual espresso lovers, Artpresso focused on the espresso machine steam wand, drain tray, and 58mm group head. Artpresso’s product creation phase was strengthened with inputs from experienced baristas, cafe owner experts, and novice home baristas who tested our prototypes and guided our refinements.

From Ideation To Final Product

Designed By Observing A Barista's Needs
Created To Preform A Specific Task With Ease
Designed To Elegantly Solve an Enduring Problem

Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool

Barista’s hands have been getting chapped and sometimes burned from using damp towels to clean espresso machine steam wands. We knew there had to be a better method and we became obsessed with finding a cleaner and safer way. In response, we created the Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool. It is the first cleaning tool created specifically to improve steam wand cleanliness and workflow. The tool is easy to grip, fitting comfortably in your hand as it surrounds the steam wand. With a squeeze and a few wipes, the steam wand is clean and ready to use again. The Espresso Machine Steam Wand Cleaning Tool also features an interchangeable microfiber pad and flexible heat resistant exterior.

wand cleaning before
Different kinds of towels are often used to clean steam wands.
Artpresso’s Steam Wand Cleaning Tool is cost-effective, safe, sustainable, and sanitary.

Espresso Machine Drain Tray Cleaning Tool

For decades Barista’s used towels to clean espresso machine drain trays. An imperfect method that left hands chapped and occasionally increased towel usage due to towel contamination. It is time to put towels aside for Artpresso’s Drain Tray Cleaning Tool. The first cleaning tool created specifically to improve workflow and drain tray cleaning functionality. It features an interchangeable, thick absorbent microfiber pad to trap dirt and water. The comfortable, contour handle makes it easy to maneuver and grip.

Espresso Machine 58mm Group Head Cleaning Tool

Keep your espresso tasting great with Artpresso’s 58mm Group Head Cleaning Tool. This next generation cleaning tool features a nylon ring brush with microfiber center. It removes coffee grounds from the group gasket and shower screen simultaneously as you turn it. It has an integrated inspection mirror to ensure cleanliness. For a deeper clean, unscrew the top of the Group Head Cleaning Tool to access the shower screen removal tool. The slotted tool bit is interchangeable to accommodate other shower screen fasteners if needed. PLEASE NOTE:  This product does not fit the La Marzocco Straight-In Portafilter group head.  It is design to fit a standard 58mm group head.  The Group Head Cleaning tool is NOT to be used with cleaning detergents or submerged in hot water.

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