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Artpresso and LM Global Accessories 1


Coffee Tamper Holders and Solo Tamper for LaMarzocco
La Marzocco is offering the tamper holders in walnut, maple, black, & white
LM Global accessory collaboration Blog Post 2
The Solo Tamper is available in black and white by La Marzocco
LM Global accessory collaboration 13 Blog
La Marzocco is offering the Primo Distributor in both black and white
LaMarzocco and Artpresso Design Espresso Machine Accessories collaboration

Barista Brush - KnockBox - Tamping Mat

LM Global accessory collaboration 4 Blog
Barista brush is available in black by La Marzocco
LM Global accessory collaboration 3 Blog
La Marzocco is offering the knockbox in black, white, walnut, and maple
LM Global accessory collaboration 5 Blog
Tamping mat is available in black by La Marzocco

Milk Pitchers - Barista Towels - Doser Cup

LM Global accessory collaboration 7 Blog
La Marzocco milk pitchers are available in 12oz. & 20 oz.
LM Global accessory collaboration 9 Blog
Black barista towels come in a set of 3 by La Marzocco
Adjust your Dose with Artpresso Design's Dosing Cup
brushed stainless doser cup is available by La Marzocco

Grinder Custom Designs - Linea Mini Customizations

Linea Mini Custom Designs 1
La Marzocco Linea Mini Custom Designs Include Cup Rails, Knobs, Brew Paddles, Feet, Side Panels, Group Cover and Portatfilter Handles
Grinder Custom Designs 1
La Marzocco Grinder Custom Designs Are Available in Walnut and Maple by La Marzocco

La Marzocco and Artpresso Design Collaboration

Steven Monti With Pierro Bambi LaMarzocco Italy
Steven Monti, founder of Artpresso Design, with Pierro Bambi, Visionary of La Marzocco
La Marzocco Factory in Scarperia, Italy. Stefano-Della-Pietra-and-Steven-Monti
La Marzocco's Product Designer, Stefano Della Pietra with Steven Monti
Scott Callender Zach Wright Josh Littlfield and Steven Monti
Zach Wright, Josh Littlfield, Steven Monti, and Scott Callender at Specialty Coffee Expo 2017

Steven Monti and La Marzocco Visionary, Pierro Bambi

A shared Passion for design and espresso is the beginning of Artpresso

For close to a century, La Marzocco has set the standard for excellence in espresso machine design and engineering. Their commercial and home machines are handcrafted and built with meticulous attention to detail. They are leaders in the coffee community and I have been a proud user of their machines.

I am Steven Monti, the founder of Artpresso Design. My admiration of La Marzocco, coupled with my passion for product design and love of coffee, inspired me to start Artpresso Design.

When I began in 2017, I set out to design awesome products that would lead with innovation and hoped to either work with La Marzocco or create a company with similar attributes of this iconic brand.  They are a company with an excellent reputation and a rich history. The design and craftsmanship of their machines; the sense of family, pride and tradition associated with over 95 years’ longevity—it all resonates with me.

My admiration grew as I built relationships with the USA team while working on the Solo Tamper. This Barista tool was created through a collaborative effort with Scott Callender, who served as VP of marketing at that time. Under his leadership, the line of accessories continued to expand and led me to meet La Marzocco team members in Italy. I visited their factory in Scarperia and met with engineers and product designer, Stefano Della Pietra.

I enjoyed sharing an espresso with the renowned Pierro Bambi. This visit remains a highlight of my career. I will always remember our conversation about the company and espresso. His father founded La Marzocco with his brother, Eugenio in 1927.  Pierro perpetuated this legacy for generations to come.

Steven Monti, Jimmy Butler, and Guido Bernardinelli. Founders of Artpresso Design, BigFace Coffee, and CEO La Marzocco
Steven Monti with Guido Bernardinelli and Jimmy Butler, Specialty Coffee Expo Boston, 2022

La Marzocco CEO, Guido Bernardelli

Recommends espresso machine product accessories to global market

Then in 2021, I met Kent Bakke (La Marzocco’s CEO until 2018) who invited me to meet with Guido Bernardelli (current La Marzocco CEO).  Over an amazing lunch in Scarperia we discussed the work we were doing in the US with the team in Italy.  Guido recommended we conduct an international market test by offering the accessory product line to other La Marzocco branches.

The global accessory product trial proved to be successful!  Now, La Marzocco branches worldwide have the opportunity to carry a cohesive line of barista tools and accessories that align to their brand.  My hope is this expansion will bring joy to more customers in new regions and create the opportunity for us to further partner with La Marzocco on new product innovations.

Steven Monti, owner of Artpresso Design with former CEO LaMarzocco, Kent Bakke
Steven Monti with Kent Bakke, LaMarzocco, Seattle, Washington 2021

LA MARZOCCO Barista Accessories

Dream becomes a reality with the help of many

La Marzocco is currently offering eleven accessory products to their global customers, this collection includes barista essentials like Solo Tampers, knockboxes, steam pitchers and towels.  In addition to these items there are Linea Mini cup rails and grinder customizations. 

The company has been a leader in coffee for over 95 years and continues to innovate with new technologies and products that support baristas and coffee-loving enthusiasts around the world. So, it is a great feeling as a designer and owner of Artpresso to contribute in a small way to La Marzocco’s legacy through the products we provide. I’m grateful for everyone who made the collaboration a reality, including Chris Salierno, Dave Bise, Scott Guglielmino, Angelo Rossi, Tommaso Natale and Zach Wright.

We are very excited to see this partnership grow and are looking forward to working with La Marzocco in the future.

La Marzocco and Artpresso Design Partner for Global product line.

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