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4 Key Reasons the La Marzocco Double-Wall Espresso Dosing Cup is a Barista's Must-Have

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Both as an enthusiast in my personal coffee corner at home and from interactions with various cafés, I’ve come to appreciate the subtle nuances that a tool like the La Marzocco Double Wall Espresso Dosing Cup brings to the espresso-making process.  Here are four compelling reasons why I believe this dosing cup is a great for both home enthusiasts and commercial baristas.


Precision in Every Dose

La Marzocco Espresso Dosing Cup

Achieving the same quality with each shot starts with the right amount of coffee grounds.

Most grinders operate by time, causing fluctuations in the coffee dispensed. While one could measure the coffee in the portafilter, the process can be tedious. The La Marzocco Dosing Cup simplifies this by allowing the barista or home enthusiast to directly measure on a scale, eliminating the need to constantly reset or tare the scale. It ensures that every shot is just right. Ideal for those who prefer to single-dose their coffee, grinding just the right amount of beans for each brew.


An Elegant Solution to Messy Dilemmas

La Marzocco Espresso Dosing Cup

No more stray grounds. Dosing cups mean cleaner countertops and workspaces.

Direct grinding into the portafilter often causes coffee to pile up and spill over, leading to a messy counter and waste of those precious beans. For cafés, even a half-gram waste per shot accumulates to significant costs over time. The La Marzocco Dosing Cup effectively curbs this spillage, presenting a neater, more efficient way of handling coffee, beneficial for both the home and café environment. Grind directly into the dosing cup and easily transfer grounds into portafilter.


Efficient Workflow

Espresso Dosing Cup

In busy cafes and for home baristas serving multiple guests, efficiency is key. At first, a dosing cup might seem like an extra step, but its value in hastening the espresso-making process is clear.

Here’s the simplified workflow: Grind into the dosing cup, adjust as needed, then pour into your portafilter. Immediately, the cup is ready for the next grind. This ensures that by the time you’re tamping and extracting, your next dose is already grinding, virtually erasing any waiting time.

For bustling cafes or hosting at home, the dosing cup is a strategic tool, cutting downtime and ensuring a quicker, smoother coffee prep.





Espresso Dosing Cup Blog Post 7

The essence of a perfect coffee brew lies in its taste. While using specialty coffee beans sets the foundation, the true depth of flavor can be unlocked through dosing. 

Accurate dosing ensures optimal extraction of flavors from the beans. A dosing cup becomes indispensable for those keen on single-dosing their coffee, a  technique where one adds a specific amount of beans rather than overloading the hopper. Pairing this with storing beans in airtight containers, instead of the hopper, prolongs their freshness and quality. This approach resonates especially with baristas dedicated to single-origin and specialty brews.

Dosing Cup Is Designed exclusively for La Marzocco By Artpresso Design

Introducing the new double wall dosing cup designed  exclusively for La Marzocco by Artpresso Design.

Created for both the expert barista and the selective coffee enthusiast, this product caters to those who grasp the fine distinctions essential for the ideal espresso.

Perfect for those who prefer to single-dose their coffee, grinding just the right amount of beans for each brew, and for bustling cafes aiming to enhance workflow efficiency and consistency.

Top 5 reasons to use bottomless portafilter -Reason 5
Image captures a single dose of espresso beans being added to grinder hopper.

From Design Sketch To finished Product

Design Sketch to Finished product

Ideation Sketch by Steven Monti of Dosing cup
  • La Marzocco Double Wall Dosing Cup in stainless steelLa Marzocco Double Wall Dosing Cup 1
    La Marzocco Double Wall Dosing Cup

5 Standout Features of La Marzocco's Dosing Cup


Innovative double wall

La Marzocco Double Wall espresso Dosing Cup

More than just a cup. The La Marzocco double wall dosing cup is the first and only dosing cup designed specifically to direct coffee gounds into the center of a 58mm portafilter basket.


1.0mm thick stainless steel

Dosing Cup By Artpresso Design For La Marzocco

This espresso dosing cup fits easily under a grinder chute for grinding, its angled top leads coffee grounds into the cup to reduce mess.


58mm diameter perfect fit

Espresso Dosing Cup Blog Post 4

The dosing cup’s top diameter aligns securely to the outside of the portafilter basket rim, this prevents spills and provides a smooth method of coffee ground transfer into your portafilter. The grounds flow directly out from the internal funnel into the center of the basket. 


Prime setup for prepping

4 reasons to use a dosing cup by Artpresso Design

The external portafilter basket rim alignment method of the dosing cup preserves the coffee bed’s integrity, laying the foundation for precise grooming and tamping.


Results Driven

espresso Dosing Cup

Created to deliver precise dosing and consistently enrich your daily coffee making experience while elevating your coffee flavors.

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